Welcome to the Klöntal Valley


Majestic Alps, lakes as smooth as mirrors and massive rock faces make the Klöntal Valley the perfect place to truly experience nature in Switzerland. With the unique nature and holiday experiences it has to offer, the Klöntal Valley is the place to go for families with children, couples, nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike!


Pure nature – the Klöntal Valley is an ideal place to enjoy the wild and romantic nature at the foot of the beautiful lake that is Lake Klöntal.


Pure sport – hiking tours, bike tours, day trips… the Klöntal Valley is one of the most beautiful places to go hiking in Switzerland. A particular favourite is the ‘Klöntaler Traumweg’, or the ‘Klöntal Valley Dream Trail’, which has much to discover. Along the dream path you will find various information at different intervals with interesting facts about the surroundings.


Pure relaxation – dreamlike Swiss resort. It is a perfect place to enjoy nature and relax.